Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to count your running step rate (Cadence) By Mike Blackwell

So your Physio would like you to measure your step rate to see if this may be contributing to your injury. You can use a Garmin or similar device if you have one but if not this is how to do it most effectively:

– Make sure you have a watch with a seconds timer on it
– Start your run and warm up for approximately 2-3 minutes before starting to count so that you are relaxed and into
your normal running rhythm
– Then start your timer for 60 seconds and count every time your foot hits the ground within that 60 seconds. Only
count one leg and it doesn’t matter whether it is left or right but don’t count both legs.
– When the first 60 seconds has passed remember this number.


– Continue to run for 3 minutes without counting your step rate then repeat step 3 & 4. Count the number of steps on
the same leg as you did previously.
– Continue to run for a further 3 minutes and then count number of steps for 60 seconds again.
– Continue your run for as long as you had intended.
– When you have finished your run, add these 3x steps per minute numbers together and divide by 3 to get your
– Email your Physio with this number- or
– Thats it!

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