Saturday, November 17, 2018

Helpful tips for November 24 hour Spinathon

With only 5 days to go to the inaugural Movember Foundation 24 hour Spinathon, hope your training and fundraising is going well and hope you a restful week ahead planned in preparation. Below is some helpful tips about the event.

Things to bring with you for a smoother ride:

A. Padded cycling shorts- sitting constantly on your bum for 2,4 or 8 hours is hard work and I can tell you from my own experience that wearing cycling shorts is a must. Don’t just think- oh I’ve done spin classes without cycling shorts before and I’ve been fine because in spin classes you are up & down all the time so your bum gets some repsite but for the spinathon, you are going to be on it the whole time. If you haven’t got any, buy some- it will be the best $$$$ you’ve ever spent. If you do buy some new, I would also recommend washing them before you ride as brand new, they can be a bit slippy on the seat. Anyway, advice given- ignore at your own peril!! Ha ha!

B. Water- As per Nanci Katra’s (Nutritionist) advice in her guest blog for Fix Physio , water is crucial! I would recommend bringing 2 waterbottles with you on the day. There will be volunteers throughout the 24 hours helping to fill up your waterbottles with fresh water. Also- electrolytes in your drink can be really helpful but my only warning with this is make sure you’ve tried it before the day arrives in case you don’t like it or if you react funny to it.

C. Earphones & your own playlists- 24 hours is a long time cycling and although we are trying our very best to organise things during the ride to keep you entertained, there may be times where you want a bit of you time. What we’d suggest is bring earphones, your phone and create some uplifting and personal playlists before the day to keep you motivated.

D. Moustaches (fake or real)- As I’m sure you know by now, the purpose of this event is to raise money for The Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundations logo is a black moustache. We are working our butts off to get some press coverage for this event to raise even more awareness of this great cause and if we do manage to pull this off, it would be awesome if everyone involved had a moustache with them for the photo opportunities. This can be a real one, a stick on one, a drawn on one, a felt one (although this might get a bit sweaty- nice!) or a paper one on the end of a stick to hold up. However you do it- please can you all remember to have a moustache handy!

E. Phone charger- there are plenty of plugs in Scenic Cycle so don’t forget to bring your phone chargers so that you can keep listening to your playlists, Phone a friend on facetime when you need some motivation, order an Uber eats, post on social media using our hashtag for the event: #Movember spinathon.

F. Shower stuff & change of clothes- There are male & female showers at Scenic Cycle so don’t forget a couple of towels (one for showering with and one for wiping off sweat during ride), shampoo, shower gel and 1-2 changes of clothes. If you are doing more than one 2 hour block, we would also recommend bringing a full change of sportswear for each 2 hour block as there’s nothing worse than sweating, cooling down but still being wet and then having to start again. There are also hair dryers at Scenic Cycle if needed.

G. Food & Snacks- Make sure you read the attached blog post above for ideas on nutrition for the event but you are going to burn a lot of calories during your ride so you need food & snacks to keep your energy up during the ride. For example, bananas, protein bars, gels, mixed nuts etc. Also, the guys from Nutrition Fit Sydney will be there at various times throughout the 24 hours providing electrolyte drinks and protein supplements so have a chat to them if you aren’t sure what you should be eating.

A little birdie has also told me that we may be getting a delivery of Pizzas to Scenic Cycle around 10:30pm on Friday 23rd November so make sure you leave some space for that. Uber eats is also an option. Finally, the IGA at MLC centre in Martin Place is open until 10pm on Fridays and reopens at 6am on Saturday mornings. Woolworths at 65 York Street is open until 10pm on Fridays and reopens at 8am on Saturday.

H. Sleepwear- Spinning for 24 hours is hardwork and depending on which shifts you are doing, you may need to grab some sleep between rides. The legends at FIT Sydney (next door to Scenic Cycle) have offered their space for sleeping at specific times during night. If you would like to take this offer up- bring, a yoga/ camping mat or small blow up mattress, a pillow, a blanket, warm clothes, ear plugs, eye mask +/- your favourite teddy bear to snuggle into!!!! Ha ha!

I. Massage appointments- the amazing team at Muscle Therapy Australia are bringing their massage tables and
have very generously donated their time to do free 10 min leg massages outside Scenic Cycle from 2:30-4:30pm on Friday 23rd November. We are trying to work out whether we need 1 or 2 massage therapists based on demand so I’m asking for teams to let me know interest by end of business this Monday 19th November. So if you are keen, please can you reply to me on this email with your preferred time slot (10 min slots from 2:30pm to 4:20pm) and we can decide if we need 2 massage therapists or not. If I haven’t heard from you by 6pm Mon 19th November then I’ll assume you don’t want a leg massage. Spaces are limited so get in quick.

J. Fan zone- it would be really great if we can raise as much awareness as possible for this event and I’m sure the riders would appreciate the support! As such we have designated times for all teams to invite their friends, family and colleagues to bring the noise, banners and motivation to Scenic Cycle. The times are as follows: Friday 23rd November- 11:30am- 1:30pm & 4:30pm- 6:30pm. Saturday 24th November 6:30am- 9am. Let your squad know and make sure they are there to cheer you on!

K. Registration- if we could ask all 9am riders to arrive for 8:30am on Friday 23rd November as there are a lot of things to do before getting started on the bikes at 9am: waiver forms to sign, goodie bags & wrist bands to collect, bags to put in lockers, bikes to set up (we recommend each rider makes a note of their bike settings so that change overs are as seemless as possible), water bottles to fill and last minute toilet visits to make. Also, if you could show us a screen shot of your mo bro/ sista page on registration so that we can get an approximate idea of where we upto at with donations for this event! Registration will happen at the start of each 2 hour block at the front of Scenic Cycle but you only have to register once throughout 24 hour period

L. Fluro- We are really hoping to get some press coverage for this event and the most likely time for this is between 6am and 9am on Sat 24th November so we thought it would look really cool if all the riders for 5am-7am and 7am-9am Saturday time slots wore at least one item of fluro clothing or alternatively go full throttle and go head to toe fluro lycra ala Jane Fonda! There may also be a small prize for the best Fluro dressed rider… just sayin’!

M. Breakfast of champions Sat 24th November: We have reserved an area for breakfast on Saturday 24th November at White Rabbit cafe (28-34 O’Connell Street, Sydney) to reminisce about the highs and lows of the previous 24 hours. I need to know numbers and food orders by close of business on Tuesday 20th November if you are interested- just reply to this email! Here’s the link to the breakfast menu:

Keep raising awareness to save the lives of our brothers, fathers, sons and male friends guys!

Mike Blackwell
(Director & Principal Physiotherapist Fix Physio)