Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I’m sure many of you will have seen on social media the now famous “Humans of New York” which regularly depicts a snapshot of the lives of various residents of New York city and their interesting life stories. More recently, there has also been the Sydney version of this popular format “People of Newtown”.

Charged with the task of promoting Fix Physio through the nowadays so important platform of social media, we decided to mix it up a bit and stay away from the usual drab marketing adverts of someone holding their neck with a grimace on their face and the heading “neck pain? Come and see Fix Physio!” Yawn!!!

So instead, with the consent of our amazing patients at Fix Physio, we decided to launch “Humans of Fix Physio” to highlight some of the fascinating, inspiring and awesome people and complex injuries that we have the privilege to assess and treat at 88 Pitt Street in Sydney CBD on a daily basis.

Now here’s the thing, my wife Jayne has been an absolute legend with the set up of Fix Physio over the last 10 months, not only with financial support, fit out advice, accounting, photography and admin work but also her endless encouragement, emotional support and her constant positivity in those inevitable quieter times at the start of any small business. Basically, I could not have got this far with the business without her but this time she has gone above and beyond with her commitment to the cause of Fix Physio….

And so begins my first post on Humans of Fix Physio…. patient name: Jayne Blackwell!!!

Just three days ago, myself, Jayne and a group of friends decided to try out trampoline dodgeball at the Skyzone centre in Alexandria for a bit of Wednesday night fun. Energy levels were high but within 5 minutes of starting, Jayne had landed awkwardly with a twist on her left knee and was out of the game. She couldn’t weight bear on her left leg and I knew something wasn’t right when her knee swelled up and it was painful to move. We got the ice on straight away and carried Jayne out of Skyzone. My initial fear was that Jayne had ruptured her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). as such, we organised an MRI scan the next day at PRP imaging in Moore Park and the head radiologist there, Dr Phil Lucas confirmed an ACL rupture.

Jayne has joined an elite group of world class athletes who have also ruptured their ACL including golfer Tiger Woods, the EPL & England footballer Michael Owen and American football (NFL) quarterback Tom Brady to name a few. Following diagnosis of the ACL rupture we hinge braced Jayne’s knee and locked it from 0-90 degrees to protect it, got her using the crutches and got her some stronger Anti inflammatories prescribed in the form of Diclofenac.

Jayne’s task now is to get the swelling down through ice, massage, medication, acupuncture, compression and not overdoing it. We’ve also got to improve her knee range of movement, get her quadriceps and surrounding leg, hip and core stability muscles stronger before her initial consult with the orthopaedic surgeon on 1st October. Hopefully all being well the knee will be good enough by then for the surgeon to perform surgery within a week or two of that initial consultation and then we can start the process of post operative rehabilitation. As a rough guide- usual return to previous function post ACL reconstruction is 9-12 months providing all goes well post op and that there are no setbacks with the rehabilitation.

Jayno has been a little trooper through this difficult time and has already shown awesome determination with her pre surgery rehab and an ever-present positive attitude (as always!). I have no doubt at all that she will continue to smash it day by day through this process. To learn more about ACL injuries see the next blog “Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries” coming soon. Watch this space for further updates on Jayne’s progress….


Mid game of trampoline dodgeball!


At PRP imaging at Moore Park after just hearing the MRI results! Jayno never stops smiling even after the bad news!


…and so the rehabilitation begins….


First drive back after the injury- all braced up and borrowing the Wadsworths Automatic car- thanks guys!