Movember Foundation

Late in 2017, Fix Physio Director, Mike Blackwell got the phone call from his brother, Paul, that everybody dreads. Paul had noticed some swelling in his testicles and after a quick assessment by his local GP and an ultrasound scan, it was confirmed that he had testicular cancer. At just 39 years old, generally fit and well and with a wife and 2 children under 5 years old, Paul was understandably in shock. Within 7 days of the first sign of any symptoms, Paul had gone in for surgery and his testicle was removed.

Following a full body scan, he waited nervously to find out what kind of cancer it was and whether it had spread anywhere else in his body. The results came in and although it was cancer, it was a “manageable” kind and thankfully had not spread anywhere else. Paul then had Chemotherapy and was on the road to recovery. However, this was the first real brush with cancer that Mike had ever had and when he looked into the statistics, not everyone was as lucky as his brother.

Did you know, men continue to die 6 years younger than women, for reasons that are largely preventable but men just aren’t talking about it. According to Government organisation, Cancer Australia, in 2018 alone, there will be 74,644 new male cancer cases diagnosed in Australia. Of those diagnosed, 27,522 will die of the disease.

Like with any Cancer, early diagnosis and treatment is key to survival, so during this Movember Mike wanted to do something to help raise both awareness and some much need money for Cancer research in males. Mike is an avid cyclist and attends Scenic Cycle, spin studio in Aurora place, Sydney CBD on a weekly basis. Within moments of Mike mentioning his idea of a 24 hour ride at Scenic Cycle to raise money for Movember, Scenic Cycle Manager Tomas Rhodes was already thinking of how he could make it happen and that is the story of how “Sydney 24 hour Spinathon” came about. So, if you are looking for your next Physical challenge whilst also making a difference, get a team of 3 or 6 of your work colleagues together, register your team by close of business on Friday 9th November 2018 and get fund raising through The Movember Foundations online donation platform from 1st September. Raising money for a great cause is also a fantastic way to help team bonding in your business!

Check out the Movember Foundation 24 hour Spinathon Facebook events page to find out more HERE