Online physiotherapy/ telehealth service

With the world around us changing so quickly, Fix Physio is also moving towards adapting our practice for the benefit and comfort of all our clients.
We now offer online physiotherapy sessions and telehealth services for all of our new and existing clients. For those of you who aren’t ready or aren’t able to travel into the city you can now enjoy your sessions with us from the comfort of your own home.

What to Expect at An Online Telehealth Physiotherapy Session?

Just like a real-life session, your physiotherapist will be with you for your booked physio appointment, but this time over a video call.
Much like an in-person session, our first priority is to listen to what you have to say and understand what made you seek out physiotherapy services in the first place. Your physiotherapist will then have follow up questions and will do a deep dive into your symptoms, how you are feeling and noting any symptomatic areas.
Your physiotherapists will also observe how you move and assess your muscle length, muscle strength and biomechanics before giving you a diagnosis and working on a suitable treatment plan.

If you are still unsure if online telehealth physiotherapy is for you, have a read of our blog post on online physiotherapy sessions to help ease any uncertainties, or get in touch with our team — we are happy to have a conversation.

Fix Physio: Your Trusted Provider of Telehealth Services

Our physiotherapy services can help fix a range of issues from a sports-based injury, to more chronic problems. If you would like any more information on Fix Physio’s clinic or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get on the road to recovery.

Book your telehealth session by clicking on our “Bookings” section above- you can also claim your private health insurance rebate on these session with most providers