Friday, March 27, 2020

Online Physiotherapy sessions now available at Fix Physio- access to our expert physios anywhere in the world!

By Mike Blackwell

There are times when getting in to see your Physio or any other health practitioner is not easy. This sentiment is never more appt than at the time of writing this blog during the Covid 19 pandemic. Fix Physio is now proud to offer our world-class physio service online no matter where you live, from the comfort of your own home!

Much like an in person physio session, we will listen to your story to find out what brought you to seek out physiotherapy in the first place,  diagnose your injury, explain to you how the problem started in the first place, get you pain free back to doing what you love and to stop your injury from ever coming back.

Online physio is now backed by the research in being as effective as in person physio in managing musuloskeletal injuries such as low back pain, neck pain, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, tendon issues and post op rehabilitation (References for research to follow). There is a common misconception that physiotherapy can only be delivered in person and it may surprise you just how effective it can be.

Fix Physio’s online physio service is ideal for patients who…

  • Are time poor and would like to avoid travel time of getting in to our physical location in Sydney Central Business District (CBD)
  • Feel more comfortable receiving their physio assessment and treatment from the comfort of their own home
  • Would like to access world class physios but live rurally or do not live in Sydney or even Australia.
  • Are unable to attend our Sydney CBD clinic due to restrictions such as physical injury or disability which prevent them from travelling
  • Don’t like physical touch of in person physio sessions
  • Are seeking a second opinion on a diagnosis they’ve been given by another physio

What happens during an online physio consult?

We listen to your story, listen some more and then some more again- we make sure you feel like you have got everything off your chest with regards to your injury. Once you have finished relaying your injury history, we leave no stone unturned and deep dive with some very specific questions about your injury and finding out what caused your injury in the first place to prevent it from coming back

Many people that we see for their injuries have already done their own “Dr Google” research before hand and are more confused than ever about their injury when they arrive at their Fix Physio consultation. We then find out what your goals of physio treatment are.

Next we look at how you move and assess your muscle length, muscle strength and biomechanics before educating you on your injury diagnosis. Next, we talk you through your treatment plan including the necessary steps to get you back to doing what you love and how long that will take to achieve this.

Finally, we create a graduated, customised exercise program and make sure you can perform this correctly and safely at home by yourself before we finish your online session. We also use a video exercise app called Physiapp so that you can constantly check that you are doing your exercises correctly.

How do I book my online physio session?

You can either book your online physio session on our Online bookings page on our website or over the phone- 0405 681 872. Once your session is booked, you will receive an appointment confirmation email which will talk you through what to expect from your online physio session. The email will also contain a unique link to your secure and safe online physio session- just click on the link at the time of your appointment and your physio will be waiting for you in the virtual waiting room. Simple- no downloading of any software, no usernames, no passwords and no access codes.

What you need to know before your online physio session

We ask that you:

– Have a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone that has a working video camera and in built microphone
– Find a quiet place in your home to do the session without distraction
– Have enough room to do basic movements and your exercises
– Wear appropriate exercise clothes so that you can move easily and so that we can easily see the injured area

Security of online physio sessions at Fix Physio

We use Cliniko software for all our online physio sessions which are end to end encrypted and meet all privacy requirements.

What kind of injuries do we see for online physio consultations?

All musculoskeletal injuries that we normally see for in person physio sessions are appropriate for online physio consultations. We have successfully treated the following injuries via online physio consultations at Fix Physio:

  • Knee pain such as osteoarthritis, tendon pain, ITB injuriesPatello Femoral Joint pain and post operative rehabilitation
  • Shoulder pain such as bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement and post operative rehabilitation
  • Low back pain such as disc injuries, facet joint injuries, muscle spasm, post operative rehabilitation, Sacro Iliac Joint (SIJ) injuries and pre + post pregnancy related low back pain
  • Neck pain such as disc issues, spondylosis, muscle spasm, Neck related headaches and post operative rehabilitation
  • Hip injuries such as labral tears, Femoro Acetabular Impingement (FAI), hip flexor pain, hip bursitis, hip osteoarthritis and post operative rehabilitation
  • Achilles tendinitis/ tendinopathy
  • Plantarfasciitis/ plantarfasciopathy Plantarfasciopathy blog
  • Elbow pain such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow
  • Wrist + hand pain such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), DeQuervains Tenosynovitis, wrist osteoarthritis and post operative rehabilitation
  • Muscle tears such as calf, hamstring, quadriceps & groin
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • And many many more injuries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the prices of an online physio session?

– The price of our 45 minute initial online physio consultation is $80

– The price of our 20-30 minute follow up standard consultation is $55

2. How do I pay for my online physio session?

If you book your appointment online then you can follow the prompts when booking to pay online prior to your online physio session. If however, you are booking your appointment in person or over the phone, we will email you an invoice for the upcoming session with Fix Physio’s bank details to be paid prior to your online session.

3. Can I claim my private health insurance for online physio sessions?
At the time of writing this blog post – April 11th 2020, certain private health insurance companies do cover online physio sessions as long as certain criteria are met:

  • The person received some physio treatment in prior 6 months
  • New patients would require a referral from their GP or specialist surgeon or sports physician
  • That the main issue being managed is either for post operative rehabilitation or a chronic musculoskeletal injury
  • That the online consultations are performed before 30th September 2020

If you would like to know whether your private health insurance company is one of the ones that does cover online physio sessions from 14th April 2020 then please contact them to find out. To claim your private insurance rebate for your online physio session, we will email you a copy of the paid invoice which you will then submit to your private health insurance and they will create your benefit directly into your bank account.

4. Can I claim Medicare for my online physio consultation?

If you have a current and valid Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)/ Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral for physiotherapy from your GP, 5 of your online physio sessions can be covered in full by Medicare.

5. Is my online physio session covered by work cover?

At the time of writing this blog (April 10th 2020), most work cover companies are covering the full cost of an online physio session but Fix Physio would recommend that you check with your work cover company first to make sure before booking your online physio session.

6. Do I need a referral for my online Physio session?

In short, no you do not need a referral to have a regular online physio session. The on;y time you would need a GP referral for an online physio session would be if you were coming for a Medicare EPC/ CDM session.

The health and well being of you, our valued clients during this unprecedented period of uncertainty and confusion is our first priority. You can contact us on 0405 681 872 ,email us at or visit our website to learn more or book online at online booking

We look forward to seeing you soon either in clinic or online to help you get back to what you love doing pain free.