Monday, May 25, 2020

Work station ergonomic assessments are now available at Fix Physio By Mike Blackwell

With people suddenly transitioning from working in their perfect ergonomically set up city office space to now working from home on a dining table using their lap top due to the Covid 19 pandemic- there has been an inevitable rise in posture related and repetitive strain injuries presenting to Fix Physio.


As such, Fix Physio responded quickly to this need and now provide work station assessments both in person and also online via telehealth.


What happens during an Ergonomic assessment?

If the session is happening online then we will ask you in advance to send us 2 photos of you in your work station set up- one from the side to include- your desk, your computer, your mouse, your chair and you (from head to toe including your hand position on the mouse):



Image reference

Also, we request an aerial view of your work station to include your head, arms, hands, keyboard, mouse and computer screen:



Image reference

If however, you are doing your work station assessment in person, we wouldn’t need the photos from you in advance as we would look at these views in real time during the in person session.

Then, we listen to your story and hear about the injuries, aches or pains that you experience as a result of your work station.

Then we look at everything that may be affecting your comfort at your work station:


Chair– height, seat length & width, seat back height, width & incline angle, Lumbar support and arm rest height
Foot position– feet flat on floor, on foot rest etc
Desk– sitting or standing, height, width, depth, shape, surrounding area
Keyboard– distance from edge of desk, width and angle
Mouse– shape, size, position on desk, hand/ wrist position on mouse
Monitor– height, multiple screens, distance from your face


Once we’ve looked into all of these factors with you sat at your desk, we will make the appropriate changes and recommendations with regards to any additional equipment such as an ergonomic mouse or a foot rest for example that will help you be more comfortable at your workstation.

An additional service that we can offer during an ergonomic work station assessment is a physical assessment of you and based on that we can create an exercise program to help with your mobility, posture and strength.

If you have any further questions on work station assessments or any of our other services then please email us at or come and see us at Fix Physio in Sydney CBD Online booking